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Friday 9 November 2012

Free Translator - App Review


There are truckloads of translators on the Internet, many of which end up getting you to download something for free and then charge you for using it (and it doesn't matter what language you put that it, it still means the same.

Free Translator is (as its name more than implies) available at no cost. It includes a plethora of languages


Now for the ACIDS test:

You simply enter the word, or phrase, you want translated and choose the target language. This works surprisingly well, although it could be because English is often used as the base language, and additionally does not differentiate between UK and USA spellings. There is a 'voice' option which, in addition to giving you a written translation, provides an audible translation. This seems to work quite well in some languages, with a very realistic male or female voice. Some other languages are supported with a synthesiser which is not quite so realistic.

Another option is to email a translation. This would be very useful except that only the translation is written on the email, not the source.

It's free.

If you need a quick translation this is a potential option (but see dependability)

Free Translator only provides one translation of a word. This can be a problem, the simplest example of which is when a word in the native language is a verb and a noun; the translation will only give you one word. In some ways, phrases are better handled than individual words. Although the App keeps a list of your translations (which you can delete individually, or all), in order to effect a new translation, you must be connected to the Internet; there is no resident dictionary.

No issues.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Worth trying

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.


You can get Free Translator here and support for the App here.


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