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Saturday 20 December 2014

World History Atlas HD with 3D - App Review

If you are interested in history, or our curious about what went on when and, just as importantly, where, then, this App is made for you.

Now for the ACIDS test:

This really is a case of history being presented in a very different way; you can throw your textbooks out (well, maybe not).

The App works in landscape mode.

The top two thirds of the screen are taken up by a globe representing the earth. You can spin it to go to the area that interests you (or take a lucky dip spin). Just as in map applications, you can finger pinch to zoom in on particular areas of interest.

The bottom third of the screen represents dates and dynasties.

A button allows you to 'play' to a particular date, with the globe changing, as well as the sphere of influence changing. You can pause it when you want, as well as pause.

Tap on Stories or wiki to get additional detailed information.

At $10, the App isn't cheap but, compared to the information contained makes textbooks seem exorbitant.

Unsurprisingly, access to wiki information necessitates an Internet connection.

Unless you're actually studying history, you probably won't use this App every day but, it does have many uses. One such application is to be more knowledgeable about places you intend to visit.

Scrolling to an exact year on the timeline is a little difficult.

This is a self-contained App.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Makes history even more interesting.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get World History Atlas HD with 3D here and support for the App here.

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