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Tuesday 22 July 2014

IconMemo - App Review

Do you still use Post-it notes, or are you totally digital?

This App appears to allow you to have a foot in both camps.

Now for the ACIDS test:

You start by having a large choice of colours for your first Post-It; pick one of these and you are taken, via Safari, to add it to your home screen. Having done that, tapping your home screen will take you directly to the site, where you can input the text that you want. At the same time you can change font, line spacing, pen colour, background colour (as well as personalising a gradient); you can even e-mail the text to whoever you want.

You can choose to synchronise your note with Evernote. It appears that you need to set this when you initially create a note; it cannot be set later.

You will now see an icon which looks like a Post-it on a page of your home screen.

Tapping on the icon allows you to go back and edit it.

It's as simple as that.

The App costs $2.

The greatest (IMHO) aspect of this App is the The greatest (IMHO) aspect of this App is the Evernote synchronisation; you can effectively edit the text on your iOS device home screen, directly from any device that is connected to your Evernote account; this is amazingly powerful and slightly hidden under a bushel.

If you rely on your iOS device, and you love Post-its then, this could be right up your street. If you are an Evernote fan as well then, you almost have to try it.

You need an Internet connection to be able to create a memo in the first place but can view and edit it thereafter, regardless of connection.

To make the App extra useful, I would suggest that if you only need one Post-it then, place it at one of the corners of your first home screen, or even in the bottom tray, so that it is accessible from all home screens. If you use lots of Post-its then, consider reserving a whole home screen for them.

The updating to Evernote involves sending some information to enable this to happen.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Editable Post-its.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get IconMemo here and support for the App here.

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