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Monday 7 January 2013

Ski Tracks - App Review

The skiing season is upon us again (at last) so, it seems appropriate to review this old favourite of mine. You simply start the App and it then tracks your every move...

Now for the ACIDS test:

Just hit the 'Start' button and you are tracked. The information includes how far (ascent/descent and distance), as well as information on speed and altitude, number of runs, duration and slope inclines. You can also take photographs to link to your experiences and then see exactly where you went once you save the information.

There is a free version so that you can check it out and then a very inexpensive 'full' version that allows the saving of far more information.

It's a bit difficult to justify the App as anything other than a bit of fun... and that it is.

It basically works, although the accuracy does leave something to be desired, even to the extent that you might be logged in to the wrong resort (and that is very easy to fix).

There are only two (very minor) issues, and both are user related. Firstly, there's not much point pretending you we're somewhere you weren't and then share the information; that's like shooting yourself in the foot. The other issue is that you actually look at the screen while you are skiing, you are an idiot!

ACIDS Test Rating:
Fun App for Skiers and Boarders

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Ski Tracks here and support for the App here.

1 comment:

  1. The developer advises that there has been an update to version 1.3.8 of the App.

    This includes the following enhancements and alterations:

    1. iOS 7 Interface changes.
    2. Sharing bug fixed.
    3. Minor performance and bug fixes.


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