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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Weafo - App Review

Have there ever been times when all you anted to do was transfer a file from one iOS device to another? This App aims to resolve that simple, but sometimes frustrating procedure.

Now for the ACIDS test:

Check that both iOS devices are on the same wi-fi network.

Press Start on the first device. At the top of the screen will appear two addresses. The first is in the form and the second http://name_of_your_device.local.

Enter the address in a web browser (such as Safari) on the second device.

The first device will now ask for confirmation that you are allowing access to your device.

On the second device add the items that you wish to transfer. These will automatically be listed on the first device.

Tap Start and it's done.

The App Costs $0. This includes the transfer of 3 files per week. You can purchase additional bandwidth via an in-App purchase.

This is a simple way to transfer files, and knowing that the file you transfer is also the one received and not whatever iOS e-mail decides to do.

The App works.

This obviously needs to be used with care as you are giving access to your data.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Easy file transfer between iOS devices.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Weafo here and support for the App here.

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