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Saturday 8 February 2014

Pic-a-Phrase - App Review

Do you remember the television game show hosted by Roy Walker (subsequently by Nick Weir)? In it 'Mr. Chips' appears in an animation and contestants have to guess the catch phrase.

Pic a Phrase is an App which is very similar, except that you are playing against your iOS device.

Now for the ACIDS test:

Press the Play button and then pick from a set of 'questions'.

You are presented with a picture, together with some letters at the bottom of the screen. The answer to the phrase to be guessed is contained within the letters, although there could be some extra ones as well.

You use the keyboard to write the answer, which must start with the first letter and subsequent letters, in order.

You can buy clues from your earned balance (or In-App purchases). This can be the first letter, removal of extraneous letters, hint, or, if you're really stuck, solving the puzzle.

You can also seek help from others using Facebook or Twitter.

The App itself is absolutely free.

You can purchase additional coins as In-App purchases.

This is a game, so indispensability doesn't really come into it.

The App works absolutely fine... the frustration in solving is for you!

There are no issues with the App but, beware of your social network sharing.

ACIDS Test Rating:

A very pleasant distraction.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Pic-a-Phrase here and support for the App here.

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