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Thursday 4 July 2013

coloc - App Review

Upon first seeing coloc, I thought it was a French site for finding a flat share. Noting that it was classified as entertainment had me even more intrigued.

In fact coloc is a unique take on a clock. It constantly changes colour and has a very peaceful, but nevertheless intriguing, feel about it.

Now for the ACIDS test:

Launch the App and you see an apparently randomly coloured background with various numbers, circles and bars.

This is not a piece of abstract art but a very imaginative timepiece.

The first set of three numbers represent the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour code of the background. The changes are very gradual, thereby making them, in an odd way, somewhat soothing. A by-product of this approach (I have no idea if it was intentional or not) is that, should you happen upon a background colour that particularly takes your fancy, make a note of the RGB values and then use them for whatever you wish.

The second set of three numbers are simply the hour, minute and second of the current time.

The three circles beneath are a graphical representation of the time. The larger the value of HMS, the larger the circle. Touching a circle gives you access to a road map, font picker, and random background.

The next line shows the full date.

The final part of the screen has three horizontal bars that represent the HMS in reverse order, and on a reducing basis. For example, 0 seconds will be represented by a full bar in the first position, and will then reduce until 59 seconds, and then return to a full bar.

It really is different and quite intriguing.

The App is absolutely free and carries no advertising whatsoever.

The App could not be said to be indispensable but, if you'd rather look at something useful (time), and very different then, coloc could be right up your street.

You need an iPad running iOS 6.0, or later. The App works fine but only in landscape mode.

No issues.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Take the time to have a look.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get coloc here and support for the App here.

1 comment:

  1. The developer advises that there has been an update to version 2.0 of the App.

    This includes the following enhancements and alterations:

    1 - New icon.
    2 - New splash screen.
    3 - Status bar no longer appears.
    4 - Smaller footprint from previous version.
    5 - New graphical element appears as an ellipse centred in the main screen only on dates when there will be a full moon 2014 / 2015.


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