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Friday 22 September 2017

Wax for iPhone - Own Your Record Collection - App Review

The developer says: "your record collection is yours - not a bunch of check marks in a database.
search for records, add them to your collection, and let them tell a story. customise every detail about each album"... so if you're into music, read on...

Now for the ACIDS test:

Not surprisingly, you start with an empty collection where you can either use the + button to get started of use the View Grab List (which is where you have records that you don't actually own but want to get.

Using the barcode scanner will bring up a list (if there is more than one) of the records, which will typically be the various versions based on where they were purchased. This then brings you to a screen with the artwork, genre, style, country, and release date. The more ellipsis will allow you to view on Discogs, as well as search Ebay or Amazon (links to

Pressing the + now will allow you to either add the album to your collection or grab lists.

The Settings cog allows you to pick between sorting by artist , shaking for a random selection, as well as e-mailing details.

The App Costs $0 (as in free) but there is an in-App purchase of $3 to include all media types.

This is a neat way of cataloguing a record collection, without using the almost ubiquitous iTunes (and obviously also not needing to import anything).

The App works very well, although for your old items, there won't be and barcodes, so you will need to enter the information manually.

The App needs access to your camera if you want to be able to add records by scanning their barcodes.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Always good to have another way of cataloguing things (painlessly).

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Wax for iPhone - Own Your Record Collection here and support for the App here.

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