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Wednesday 3 December 2014

Date & Time Calculator (9 in1) - App Review

Date and time calculations can be a little tricky. This App takes the effort out of the 'problem', and encourages you to work out things you probably wouldn't have bothered to do otherwise.

Now for the ACIDS test:

There is a choice of type of calculation covering:

Time Difference (between two points)
Date Range (from a starting point, add/subtract years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds)
Work Days (between 2 dates; gives you the answer, together with the number of each days of the week)
Add/Subtract Time (Enter two points in years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds and choose add or subtract)
Multiply/Divide Time (Enter in years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds and choose multiply or divide)
Time Converter (Enter in years/months/days/hours/minutes/seconds and get the value in decimal years)
Age Calculator (Enter the date and get the answer in years/months days)
Time Travel (Enter the distance and speed to get the result in hours/minutes/seconds)
Time Zones (Enter the date and time and the two time zones)

The App is a modest $1.

This App cannot really be seen as indispensable but, it is useful and fun.

The App seems to work fine, although the Work days calculation (unsurprisingly) doesn't take into account public holidays.

There are no apparent issues as this is a standalone App.

ACIDS Test Rating:

So how old are you?

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Date & Time Calculator (9 in1) here and support for the App here.

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