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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Cloud Outliner 2 Pro - App Review

Good ideas come to you at any time, any place, not just when you are sitting in front of your PC or tablet. Cloud Outliner 2 Pro allows you to enter your latest brain wave, either as the start of a new project, or add it directly into an existing plan. The big plus of this App is the integration with Evernote and iCloud.

Now for the ACIDS test:

The first thing that will strike you with the App is that you have a nearly blank canvas to work on; a full page for your notes, uncluttered with extraneous icons.

The icons that are present allow you to create a new outline, new folder, as well as access to settings (theme, spell checking, synchronisation (Evernote, iCloud, and iTunes), colour...).

Most outliners make the job of reordering, whether to move an item up/down, or left/right in the hierarchy a nightmare. Cloud Outliner 2 Pro makes it an absolute breeze; just move the item with one finger to anywhere in the chart.

The App also supports check boxes which make it easy to see if a task is complete (if you are using the App for this purpose).

To synchronise your outline, just drag the window down and the App takes care of the rest.

The App costs $3 and there is also a lite version for you to check out if you aren't convinced.

If you're a structured kind of person then, outlines are your lifeline; this App could well be the one for you.

If you're an Evernote Nut (welcome to the club), this App is indispensable.

If you've ever been frustrated by check boxes not synchronising properly between Evernote and an App, you'll welcome this App; (drum roll) the developer has cracked the problem.

Individual documents can be password protected. As far as the developer is concerned, there is a detailed Privacy Policy on their site; well done.

ACIDS Test Rating:

An outliner that anyone can use; brilliant.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Cloud Outliner 2 Pro here and support for the App here.

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