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Thursday 3 August 2017

Salsa Rhythm - the Latin Dance Practice Tool - App Review

Two left feet? Join the club!

This App enables you to practice Salsa.

Now for the ACIDS test:

The most important feature is that you can set the tempo (anything between dirge and frantic!); this is set through a slider control at the top of the screen.

You can also set the key, and choose from various instruments such as Clave (rhythmic pattern), Piano, Congas, Timbales, Bongos, Bass, Maracas, Guiro, Cowbell and an Instructor, and even these are customisable.

The App also includes links to various music to download.

You can choose from English, German, or Spanish for vocal cues.

The App Costs $3.

Well, this all depends on how interested you are in Salsa, and how many left feet you have.

Just concentrate on your feet and let the App take care of the rest.

The App is self-contained, so no concerns on this front... it's the other people on the dance floor who'll need to watch out.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Improve your Salsa

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Salsa Rhythm - the Latin Dance Practice Tool here and support for the App here.

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