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Monday 16 October 2017

LeechTunes - App Review

The developer says:

"Love Apple Music? Enhance the experience with LeechTunes! Add all your favourite music via Apple Music then enjoy them with LeechTunes.

LeechTunes is the fresh new way to enjoy your music. Now you can listen to your music with great ease and style. LeechTunes features customised gesture controls in a skinned interface that shouts out your personality.

LeechTunes is perfect for in-car use for safer music control. No need to look away from the road while changing track & playlist. Also great while doing other tasks like jogging, working-out or just general listening."

Now for the ACIDS test:

At first use you are invited to see the gesture controls; I suggest you accept the invitation. Although, here's a handy list for you:

Fast forward - 2-finger right
Next playlist - 2-finger down
Next track - swipe left
Pay/Pause - tap
Play all media - 2-finger tap
Play current artist - tap and hold (very neat)
Previous playlist - 2-finger up
Previous track - swipe right
Repeat mode - triple tap
Rewind - 2-finger left
Shuffle - double tap (very handy)
Shuffle - shake
Tweet - tap and hold
Volume - swipe up/down

In addition to this there are a lot of links such as rating, lyrics, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the artist's site (nice touch).

There are also a number of skins that can be chosen to be set as a background.

So now you have a very enjoyable, as well as rather different, way to listen to your music.

The App Costs $2.

You're bound to want to play music with your iOS device, even if it's not your main use (or maybe it is).

The App works, just like we want them to.

The App needs access to Apple Music.

There are a lot of direct links, including Facebook and Twitter.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Dare to listen to music differently.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get LeechTunes here and support for the App here.

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