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Monday 13 November 2017

Pocket - App Review

The developer says: "The next time you find an article, video or link you want to read or watch later, just save it to Pocket. It’ll sync across your phone, tablet, and computer so you can come back to it whenever and wherever you’d like, even when you’re off-line".

Read on...

Now for the ACIDS test:

You know how it is, you come across an interesting article but haven't got the time to read it so... you usually forget about it.

Pocket allows you to store the article, and the best bit is that you can store it from pretty well anywhere, including a browser on your device (or PC) such as Safari, Firefox etc., as well as via e-mail, and other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and Feedly.

Then, when you use the App, all those articles are ready for you to read in My List. Additionally, you can, optionally, have access to recommended articles (which is based on you choosing from various feeds).

There are various settings for choosing how pages are viewed.

The App is absolutely free, although there is also a premium version for those of you who want more bells and whistles; such as a Library to keep a backup, Full-Text searching, and Suggested Tags (the free version allows tags but you enter them).

Absolutely brilliant for catching up on your reading.

Works flawlessly, except when a web page includes protection.

To get recommendations you can, optionally, connect your address book, Facebook, and/or Twitter. You can also turn on notifications to be informed when a 'friend' shares an item.

ACIDS Test Rating:

Why read a newspaper when you can read just the best bits of many.

To find out how the ACIDS Test works, click here.

You can get Pocket here and support for the App here.

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