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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Reduce Gas and electricity bills

It always amazes me how much people bleat and fail to do anything about their condition. At a time when the vast majority of householders are under financial pressure, mostly through no fault of their own, they are not prepared to make small adjustment to improve their lot.
Gas and electricity prices seem to increase with a relentlessness that makes Gadaffi's regime defending tactics almost equivalent to white flag waving.
The reasons for the increases are usually well-crafted, if difficult to actually believe. The reduction in value of the Pound against the Dollar, or against the Euro (this argument has also been used in the opposing direction); the increased cost of being 'green'; the substantial investments in 'infrastructure' (this one has been used for decades so presumably they haven't a clue of what to do); the astronomical salaries paid to some senior 'executives' (alright, that one has not been put forward yet).
Anyway, the only way for the individual customer to do something about his charges in the short term is to switch to the lowest cost supplier. There is absolutely no difference in the gas or electricity consumed, just the price changes. The way to reduce costs in the medium term is to switch to the lowest tariff supplier at every available opportunity, thereby putting pressure on all the suppliers to reduce costs if they want to retain customers.
All this to say that if you want to help yourself (and you have a UK address) then, take a look at this: Reduce my utility bills NOW.

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