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Sunday 6 November 2011

iSignature (Step 2) - decide what to include

The next stage in the creation of your signature is to decide exactly what you want to include. Get a piece of paper and write down exactly what you want included, and where you want it placed (order and position).

Here are some ideas (and that is what they are, ideas). Feel free to use only those that are appropriate for you and add anything that is good for your individual circumstances.

Complimentary close
If you finish all your emails with yours interestingly (or whatever), you might as well include it in your iSignature.

This will either be the sig file you have already created, or you will be entering your name as text. There are various fonts (Bradley Hand ITC) being an example, which allow you to display something approaching handwriting.

A bit obvious but, choose whether or not to have your name entered in type, as part of your iSignature.

This is obviously only relevant if you are sending emails on behalf of a company. At the same time decide whether or not you want to include a logo with this section.

You could enter your email address, especially if you are sending from a different address.

Fairly obvious, and if you include this, consider entering numbers in their international dialling format, and include as many different numbers as you want, specifying whether they are mobile or fax, as well.

Your website address (es).

A physical address which you want to share with your interlocutor.

This could already have been displayed with your company name or, could be used on its own. I would highly recommend that this is hyperlinked to a website. If you wish to do this, ensure that you have the exact URL (in the style

Your Facebook homepage. You can get this by going to your Facebook page and clicking on the info button on the left and then scrolling down to Contact Information; your homepage URL is listed here.

Your Twitter username.

Your LinkedIn URL address.

Your Skype username, so that people can contact you directly on Skype.

This is a statement in the style of 'we take no responsibility if you don't like what has been written'. In all seriousness, this tends to apply more to companies and you will no doubt already have received communications including a disclaimer. If you want to use one, use these as an idea for a template.

Decide which font(s) and colour(s) you are intending to use for the various parts if your iSignature. Just a suggestion (design isnt my strongpoint) but dont have too many different fonts or colours, as this tends to look messy. No doubt someone will prove me very wrong.

Apart from the company logo, decide if you are going to use any others.

Post Script (P.S.)
This could contain anything you wish. I tend to have one that states "Click on the signature to access my blog"

Now take your time getting this little lot together… Stage 3 will be with you shortly.

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