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Monday 23 January 2012

Discounted Ski Passes

If you've been skiing or boarding to Villars before then, you are aware that queuing for a lift pass can take quite some time, especially in the peak season. There are a number of ways to avoid this waste of time, and, at the same time, to pay less  than the published price for your lift pass.

Before being able to obtain the benefit of any of these advantages, you need to have a Key Card to use as your pass. If you do not already have one then, simply buy one once you are in Villars for CHF 5.00 from the lift company, unless you already have one from a previous visit.

Option One - Easyski

The reduced prices only apply to tickets for the next day and up to four days. You cannot get a reduced priced ticket for the day of purchase.

The only type of ticket available for this option is a day pass that gives you access to the whole Alpes Vaudoises*.

You will be greeted by a screen that looks like this:

Simply choose the number of tickets for the first day, then press the 'ucBtnSelect' button (don't ask... I haven't got a clue why they don't just have 'buy' or 'select'). Repeat this process for every day; you cannot choose more than one day on the first screen (again, don't ask).

You will then have the choice of 'anonymous purchase' or 'identified purchase'. I suggest you use 'identified purchase as you still need to enter your name and date of birth for an 'anonymous purchase', and you will need to enter it all again next time you use it. You now need to enter your KeyCard number, in the format including the hyphens. Add this to basket for each different person and then repeat for each day that you want a pass. Then you will be able to pay with your credit card.

You will receive a confirmatory email which I suggest you keep on your phone, just in case there is a problem.

Option Two - Skipass

This option only gives you reduced prices, compared to a single day pass, in the sense that you can buy a pass for multiple days at a reduced price. These prices are identical to those practiced at the ticketing booths.


This time, the screen looks like this:

The procedure for actually ordering is similar to that for EasySki.


Option Three - FreePass

This option enables you to use your KeyCard whenever you want, and you are automatically debited each day. There is a saving of 30% during the week and 15% at weekends.

As with all the other options, the main advantages are reduced daily rates and no queuing. The downside is that there is a fee of CHF 50.00 (CHF 30.00 for children 9-15) for setting up the service, and you will always be billed for a full day, albeit at the reduced price. Additionally, you must provide a photograph.

If you want additional information, you can contact me through the Contact Form, and receive regular updates of snow conditions either on Twitter (@munificus), or on my dedicated skiing page.

Have a great winter!

*Alpes Vaudoises consists of Leysin, Les Mosses, La Lécherette, Les Diablerets, Glacier 3000, Villars – Gryon.

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