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Monday 14 May 2012

Police hunt for ‘electrocuted’ thief

... again from the Daily Telegraph

Police fear a thief may have been electrocuted or badly burnt while stealing cable from a railway yesterday.

Officers from British Transport Police found a pile of charred clothes at the scene of the theft in the Theydon Bois area of Essex early yesterday.

About 60 feet of cable was stolen and officers believe the damaged clothing — a blue coat and woolly hat — could belong to someone who was seriously burnt during the theft. They are urging the person to seek immediate medical attention.

Detective Inspector Andy Winters said: "We are clearly very concerned that someone may have been seriously injured.

"In addition, we have the possibility, as a worst-case scenario, that somebody has been electrocuted and is currently unaccounted for."

Who needs to buy comics when there are reports like these?

In a civilised country, the worst case scenario is that the perpetrator is still alive, will steal some more cable, and worse might even train (sorry, couldn't resist) others.

However, Detective Inspector Andy Winters stating that he is 'currently' unaccounted for is hilarious. This was presumably in answer to the question "Watts up?". Priceless stuff.

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