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Monday 29 April 2013

Beesy App - Updated to 1.61

The developers of this 5 Star ACIDS Test rated application (here for full review) have recently issued an update to version 1.61; this update included a number of significant enhancements.

I am a great fan of Dropbox and Beesy now allows you to export your data seamlessly to Dropbox and then keep everything in sync. Part of the beauty of this is that it is not simply a dump of your data but is carefully organised in directories within your Dropbox and, of course, on your PC Dropbox directory.

Most meetings start with reviewing action (or lack of it) from the previous meeting. Beesy has added a nifty little device to allow you to easily add a note from a previous note. This means that incomplete actions do not need to be entered each time. If you are the note taker (and if you are reading this, there’s a fair chance you are), you might like to keep this little timesaver to yourself… so as not to encourage the ‘we’ll look at it next time’ syndrome from your meeting colleagues.

You now have the possibility to send your notes (obviously, fully structured and complete) by another of my personal favourite formats, PDF. This is a modest cost in-App purchase but saves you paper by the (waste)bucketful.
It goes without saying that Beesy, with this latest release, keeps its top rating.

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